Albert Memorial Bridge Mural Project

Albert Memorial Bridge Mural Project


Thank you to our wonderful sponsors:



Mackenzie Bulych

I’m Mackenzie Bulych. My style of work is best described as Organic Abstract. I mainly use ink pen to paper but I also like to explore other canvases, such as shoes, walls and different wood surfaces. I use my free-flowing style as a form of meditation to release stress and help ground myself.

I have chosen the image of two hands pressed together as my contribution to the Albert Memorial Bridge Mural Project. This might be seen as a symbol of prayer, or as a connection to community and ourselves. Either way, I believe this symbol represents many things, such as a greeting, a sentiment of hope, praise, gratitude, reverence and respect.

The circular design, or mandala, symbolizes the idea that life is never ending and everything is connected.

I believe that community thrives on connectivity. A connected community means a greater opportunity to learn from one another, cultivate wisdom and help each other thrive. By being more interconnected, each member of the community is able to enjoy a wider network of resources, support, and love.

My intention for this piece is to remind us all that, while our opinions may be divisive at times, community is about patience and growing together. We can do this by listening, honouring differences, and above all, compassion for others.


Facebook: @mackenziebulych

Instagram: @mac.bulych


Christian Barreno

This mural celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. Throughout the years, this festival has been very important for Cristian and Addy in their lives as artists because it has allowed them to showcase their work, and it has helped them have a strong bond with the community. Cristian and Addy feel very fortunate to meet many gifted artists from all walks of life who helped them both evolve in their creativity and skill.

The details in this interactive mural are some elements that you find in this unique festival from this beautiful neighborhood. All the bright colors in the feathers represent the different communities that come together to be part of the festival. The musical instruments represent some of the sounds and dance you will experience when you walk down the streets. We also paid a small tribute to our furry friends who are very much part of many families.

Come and check it out, take a selfie and you might find more interesting details in the mural.


Facebook: Cristina Barreno Art, Addy Maldonado Art

Instagram: @CristianBarrenoArt

Stephanie Bellefleur

The proposed concept is a nature based and pollination theme, all of the butterflies these important creatures are a huge part of biodiversity. The selected diverse butterflies chosen are inclusive as they derive from all the continents around the globe. The water from the creek will flow throughout the piece and cedar will weave within the context of the piece to honour this medicine by making space for the indigenous people of this land. The artist is also happen to add pearls that will flow through the water component in honour and celebration of the festivals 30th anniversary to help tie all components together. It will be bold colourful and incorporate my strong graphic line work. The artists schedule is flexible so long as much time in advance is given at best to work and or complete project.




Geanna Dunbar

My work explores many things – relationships I have with people, situations around me as well as finding my identity. Creating art helps to ground me and expresses who I am. I enjoy and work in many media forms, such as painting, illustration, tattooing, body piercing, fibre arts, mixed media and appreciate using recycled and upcycled materials. I love to express emotion with unconventional textures, lines and drips. I believe expression is not a coloring book, it is bold and messy – I think that is what life is, creating our own canvas as we grow, leaving room for mistakes. It’s what gives us and our work character, depth and makes it relatable.

I would like to inspire, motivate, and prosper with these murals, and acknowledge the history that is around us. Wascana park is filled with wildlife, plants and stories that deserve to be heard, seen and remembered and I hope my mural helps to accomplish this. I chose the bison to represent the history of this land, before the lake, when it resembled an elephant’s graveyard. I honour Olga, the record breaking Western Painted Turtle who made her home around the lake. I acknowledge the Northern Pike, a fish that lives in Wascana waters; a fish that evolved 419 million years ago when underwater life began to emerge and take shape. Having such strong elements in a man-made space is truly inspirational on its own. These pieces speak for the wildlife that are unable to share their stories.


Facebook: @GeannaDunbar

Instagram: @_funbar_

Bruno Hernani-Merino

Bruno is a Peruvian born artist. He has lived in Regina for over 10 years, where he has been involved in numerous art projects with local markets, schools and several organizations to promote community development and the arts in the City. Bruno paints mostly with acrylics. He also builds tridimensional pieces made of recycled materials to promote environmental awareness and local sustainable initiatives. Bruno’s art is influenced by his passion for geometry, music, life and the environment. He focuses on the integration of these disciplines to create new structures and patterns that are in agreeable harmony with reality. He emphasises in his art the use of numbers and geometry as mechanism to connect different forms and languages.

Bruno’s mural for the Albert Memorial Bridge Mural Project focuses on the geometry of art, music, and life, and how these elements are connected. The painting represents the freedom to create all kind of arts including music, and how life is part of this creative process. Life in the mural is depicted with two bird figures facing each other and connected to the musical elements through symmetrical patterns and geometrical shapes.

The fish mural represents the living environment around us and how it is in constant movement. For me this piece means that we can connect with the environment, and become one with it and flow harmoniously in time and space.



Facebook: @ Art Hernani

Instagram: @3bruno3

Roberto Lopez Lopez

My name is Roberto Lopez Lopez,  Born in Mexico,  I moved to Regina in the year 2000. I am a self-taught artist.

I am a lover of all forms of art, my focus is painting. I paint like a jazz musician plays music, improvising, feeling shapes and colour, freely giving in to my creativity. I always take into consideration my surroundings, who the art is for, and the subject matter.

For this project I will use the image of the sun and the moon in eclipse, representing the cultural exchange and the impact Regina had on my work (including the inspiration that the Cathedral Village Arts Festival brings to me, and the community every year) gracias

Facebook: @ Lopez.Lopez.Art


Jolyn Michaelis

I learned recently that bivalves have existed, and were likely creating pearls, since the Cambrian era. My proposed concept is an ocean scene, brimming with life, that spans 500 million years — with pearls as the only constant. The theme of “pearl” relates to the Cathedral Village Arts Festival’s anniversary, but given the focus on animal life throughout the ages it could be seen as a free wall as well.


Facebook: @ Jolyn Michaelis

Instagram: @scribblejay

Erickka Patmore

Erickka Patmore is an emerging artist practicing in Regina, Saskatchewan. Recently, she has been exploring media, colours, and composition on brightly colored and surreal paintings with abstract elements. She uses painting as an intuitive process of self-reflection as well as an inquiry regarding the life around her.

This mural is a tribute to the development of the cathedral arts community and the evolution of the Cathedral Arts Festival over the past 30 years. As the viewer moves from left to right, the piece builds from a simple, abstract impression of a few buildings on 13th avenue to a developed representational work with bright color. The cathedral and surrounding communities have come together year after year in order to allow the festival to reach its fullest potential, and each year has seen the festival grow into something greater, much like the way a clam creates a pearl from a grain of sand. The visual evolution of the mural mimics the evolution of the Cathedral Arts Festival since its inception, as well as references the anniversary’s “Pearl” theme.

Beyond this, I intend the mural to mimic the way that small actions can affect the future in large ways; consistently putting your best into something over time can result in positive developments and opportunities that may have seemed out of your reach. I happen to pass by these buildings nearly every day, offering a touch of connection to my own emerging artist practice as I build upon what I know to develop my career.



Facebook: @erickkasart

Instagram: @erickkasart

Ingrid Van Opstal

Title – Visions of Perseverance Past

Honoring those who came before us–the rich history of Saskatchewan pre-colonization is something we should all aim to acknowledge and research.

I wanted to depict a bold and colorful representation of the wildlife and waterway we are so lucky to share, instilling a connection to this land. From the wildflowers and gently swaying cattails, to the partnered mallard ducks bathing along the banks—all the while remembering wild bison that would roam in time’s past.  An ode to the Indigenous People who were keepers of this great land. Water is the universal symbol of life, fertility, renewal, and transformation. In this way, learning about our history can bring us closer to reconciliation. Education starts in our own backyards, learning starts with our children at home.

Whether we seek solitude, family tradition, or a meeting of collective minds—Wascana Park and the surrounding creeks are a hub of activity and an escape into the natural world we so often need to connect within our industrialized society.


Prairie born and raised, Ingrid is a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer living on Treaty 4 Territory. Having returned from nearly a decade ski-bumming on the West Coast in 2020, moving across inter-provincial borders back to her roots in Saskatchewan is a welcome change. Inspired by the simplicity of nature, surrealist dreamscapes, and the nostalgia of a bygone era, Ingrid has combined her love of rebellious pop art, interactive psychedelia, bold/high contrast colors, and traditional mediums.


Facebook: @ White Rabbit Art

Instagram: @whiterabbitgraphics

Evey Bonk and Debbie Wozniak-Bonk


This Albert Memorial Bridge Mural will be a joint project between myself, as apprentice, and my daughter Evey (age 13) of how to transform her drawing into a painted mural.

As residents of the Cathedral Village, we have raised our family near Wascana Creek, and for our children it has been a place of fun, imagination and exploration. Many times we have daydreamed as to what creatures may lurk in its waters. From those musings we have created the ‘Creek Freak’, The Woolly Wildman of the Wascana, a friendly nature spirit who just wants to live in peace, but the ‘Gonks’ (Canada Geese) and the ‘Donks’ (Ducks) are a little shy about sharing their territory.

This what Evey has to say about her image:

“The Elm trees represent that Regina is old and that they have always been there.”

“The blue/green sky represents the living skies of Saskatchewan.”

“The Geese and Ducks are there to represent Canada.”

We are excited to share our vision and our artistic flair with the residents of Regina and its visitors who flock (pun intended) to the Park, its Lake, and Creek.


Facebook: @Debbie Wozniak-Bonk

Instagram: Debbie- @debwozbo                   Evey – @evey_is_an_artist