Radiant Reads

Radiant Reads

Radiant Reads

Tuesday, May 25, 7:00 PM

Radiant Press presents showcase of 3 authors with spring book releases, reading from their books and talking about the process:

John McDonald – Kitotam – poetry
Sarah Mintz – handwringers – flash fiction
Kelley Jo Burke – Wreck – a memoir


John McDonald

John McDonald is a multi-disciplinary writer and artist originally from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. A sixth-generation direct descendant of Chief Mistawasis of the Plains Cree, John’s writings and artwork have been displayed in various publications, private and permanent collections, and galleries around the world.  John is one of the founding members of the P.A. Lowbrow art movement, and is the Vice President of the Indigenous Peoples Artists Collective.

John has studied at England’s prestigious University of Cambridge, in July 2000 he made international headlines by symbolically ‘discovering’ and ‘claiming’ England for the First Peoples of the Americas. He is the author of Childhood Thoughts and Water, 2020. John lives near Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan.


The Neyhiyawak (Plains Cree) word “Kitotam” translates into English as “he speaks to it.” John McDonald writes raw poetry that captures the essence of his life and experiences as an urban Indigenous youth during the 1980s in Northern Saskatchewan. This is a glimpse of the people, events, and trauma that influenced the person he has become: storyteller, spoken-word artist, and a meticulous caretaker of the history of his ancestors.


Sarah Mintz

Sarah Mintz grew up in Greenwood, Goose Bay, Victoria, Courtenay, Vancouver, Montreal, and maybe even Moose Jaw — depending on how one defines “grew up.” She’s worked at video stores, thrift stores, pet stores, managed buildings, shoveled snow, and answered the phone. As a recent graduate of the English M.A program at the University of Regina, her work has thus far appeared in Agnes and True, the University of Regina’s [space] journal, the Book*hug Anthology, Write Across Canada , and a chapbook forthcoming from JackPine Press. Sarah lives in Victoria, BC.


handwringers places the reader on a kaleidoscopic carousel exploring contemporary Jewish identity with a momentum fueled by hilarity. Each piece in this sustained work presents a different face, voice, and perspective, collectively steamrolling stereotypes about Jewish people while celebrating a far-ranging and diverse sense of Jewishness today


Kelley Jo Burke

Kelley Jo Burke is an award-winning Regina playwright, creative nonfiction writer and documentarian, a professor of theatre and creative writing, and past host of CBC Radio’s SoundXchange. She is the 2017 winner (with composer Jeffery Straker) of the Playwright Guild of Canada’s national Best New Musical Award for Us, which premiered at the Globe Theatre in 2018. Recent plays include The Lucky OnesThe Selkie Wife, and Ducks on the Moon. Her published work includes four books, inclusion in four collections, many periodicals, and she is the creator of eight creative nonfiction documentaries for CBC’s IDEAS. She was the 2009 winner of the Sask. Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for Leadership in the Arts, the recipient of the 2008 Saskatoon and Area Theatre Award for Playwriting, and has won the City of Regina Writing Award three times. Kelley Jo lives in Regina, Saskatchewan.



Kelley Jo Burke embarks on a wild journey to understand many things, including the part where her grandfather sort of murdered her grandmother. Returning to a house filled with her first memories of childhood, she begins to explore the complex origins of her own anxiety. Along the way, she reflects on alienation and immigration, mental health and generational trauma, and the nature of memory itself. A memoir filled with raw honesty, comedy, tragedy, and grace.