Greetings from the 2022 CVAF Chair

Greetings from the 2022 CVAF Chair

On behalf of our ever dynamic and devoted 2022 CVAF Planning Committee and our CACA Board, hat’s off to 31 years of support. Our 2022 theme “Thanks Regina” reflects our heartfelt gratitude to our Cathedral Village and surrounding communities. Your assistance, participation, sponsorship and support have allowed us to continue building this unique legacy known widely for melding creativity and inclusivity.


The expression “nothing can dampen the spirit of the Festival”, in addition to referring to the weather, now includes a global health crisis. As a community we continue to pivot, collaborate and re-envision this beloved six-day celebration weaving the arts and community — especially now, when togetherness matters so much. And this year our goal is to offer IN PERSON outdoor and indoor festivities, still with FREE ADMISSION after all these years! Offerings include a parade, a picnic, a street fair, music, literary and theatre events, dance, magic, film and so much more! All crafted and considered while weighing public health and safety realities.


Ultimately, with only half the regular planning season available, our CVAF team decided to commit ourselves 100 per cent to doing everything we could to bring our community together once again. With a green light from our CACA Board, true grit made up for time lost. I salute our Planning Committee Members (many in their very first season of CVAF involvement) and Staff for never giving up.


Neighbourly kindness and mutual respect are cornerstones in the Cathedral Village. Please be mindful of the impact on all of us during uncertain times. Let’s make our 31st season of magical offerings a safe landing for all. THANKS REGINA and thanks to our founder Ken Mitchell. Long Live the CVAF! See you in the Village!


Marilyn Turnley, CVAF Chair