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Comic Jam

Do you love to draw? Join the Comic Jam, hosted by Christine Moleski

Once you’ve drawn your comic, you can scan it, or take a photo of your drawing and send it to our editor:

In your email, please include your name, age, and title of your comic.

Deadline for submissions: Tuesday May 19, 2020

We’ll assemble the comic during festival week, and show it online!

Presented with support from the City of Regina and the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre.

“Look into the Future” Kaleidoscope Community Drawing Project

Deadline for submissions: Tuesday May 12, 2020

*Do you need paper or markers? We can supply it!

Starting May 5, while supplies last:

Please email or text 306-540-4714 to arrange a time to pick up paper and markers that you can use and keep; Pick up from 2039 Robinson St.

The theme for this year’s art festival is Kaleidoscope. It’s about looking at the world through art. It’s about changing colours and beauty, and it’s about vision.

This project asks:

What do you imagine your future to be like? What do you see? What does your ideal world look like? What colours do you see? Are they bright? Green? Blue? Rainbows? Dark nights? Is your future geometric (like looking through a kaleidoscope)? Or open grassy plains? Are you in the city? With people? Or alone? Do you see people? Who? Where? What are they doing? Animals? Do you see food? Love? Kindness? Isolation? Use your imagination.

How to take part:

1. Draw a colourful vision of our future. Use the entire paper leaving very little paper left and lots of colour used. Markers or oil pastels on regular computer paper or 9 x 12 sketchbook paper is fine. Use what you have… but we can also supply materials*

2. Take a picture of yourself holding your art, (or just a picture of your art). We will post your photo on the website. SO: if your face is included, you will need to tell us that you give permission to the CVAF permission to post your photo on the website. Or, you can just take a photo of the art! We will make an online web-art gallery to share through the website.

3. Send your photo to: in large JPG or TIF format.

4. In your email, tell us:

– The artist’s name, the title of the artwork, permission to show you and your work:

___I give permission to the Cathedral Village Arts Festival to display online and in social media, my artwork and/or my children’s artwork as submitted, as part of the CVAF 2020.

___ In submitting this work, I agree that the subject(s) of these photos have consented to the use of their image.

….and hang your drawing in a window to share!

The Yard Art Challenge

During these past few months, it’s clear that Regina and Cathedral have big heARTS. Let’s keep adding to the art and decorations in our community this spring, and we’ll make our windows, sidewalks and yards a kaleidoscope of hearts and art.

…& If you see something artful, take a photo!

Post your photo and tag us, or use: #CVAF2020

If you prefer, you can also email us at

Remember to let us know: your name, where you took the photo, and if there are people in the photo, whether they have agreed to have had their picture taken, and shown publicly.

Photo Festival: “Kaleidoscope!”

Deadline for submissions: Tuesday May 12, 2020

Cathedral Village Arts Festival and Art Gallery of Regina invite submissions of original photography celebrating our community.

This project asks:

Has something fun and inspiring caught your eye in our community this year? Or, do you have an amazing photo from a previous CVAF festival? Send us your “Kaleidoscope” images for an online photo festival!


– Can I enter photos I took with my phone?

Yes, absolutely. Images from any camera or photo device is great.

– Can I enter a photo that is not about the festival, or is an abstract pattern?

Yes! The “Kaleidoscope” theme is about colour and beauty—seeing patterns and, metaphorically, reflecting on change and diversity, celebrating the differences that come together to create our community. Life is beautiful, a journey filled with transformation and challenges. “Kaleidoscope” is about vision, reflecting on who we are, where we come from, and looking to the future with imagination and wisdom.



Art on the Fence: Gallery on 14th presents “Kaleidoscope”

2178 Montague St at 14th Ave

This pop-up installation along the fence features creative work by local students.

For a virtual visit, check out this Facebook page

WindScript Magazine Launch

Monday May 18th, 1:00pm-3:00pm
Facebook Live / Zoom

Join the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild (SWG) for our launch of Windscript with readings from contributors and featured poet, Trinity Squirrel. Editor, Tara Gereaux, will host. WindScript is the annual magazine of high school writing published by the SWG since 1983. We’re proud to support the fresh, original work of student writers.

Featured Performer – Trinity Squirrel

Trinity Squirrel is an Indigenous artist from Fishing Lake, Saskatchewan. He is intent on connecting to his audience through the power of words and emotion. He is a firm believer in the impact of human connection and the lasting impression one can make in the world around them.

Hosted By Tara Gereaux

Tara Gereaux‘s first book, a teen novella (Size of a Fist) was nominated for two 2016 Saskatchewan Book Awards. Her writing has been published in several literary magazines and won the City of Regina Award in 2016 and 2019. Tara has an MFA in creative writing from UBC and previously worked as a writer and story editor in film and television. From the Qu’Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan and of Métis and European heritage, Tara lived in Vancouver for nearly two decades before returning to her home on the prairie.

Ty the T-Rex


Have a ROARING good time with Ty the T-REX, the most musical dinosaur from Saskatchewan, as he sings and visits with some of his fine friends at the Virtual Cathedral Village Arts Festival.