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UncategorizedFinding Fortune by L.A. Belmontéz (Softcover book)

Finding Fortune by L.A. Belmontéz (Softcover book)


L.A. Belmontéz’s long-awaited debut novel is a richly poignant and intimate love story plagued by the underworld of Colombian kidnappings.

When Valerie Verlane discovers Dmitri Renewitz is not dead after all, she sets off for Colombia to get some answers. But the truth is one thing she never expected.

Inspired by real events, Finding Fortune delves into the consciousness of its characters, story within story, as they attempt to piece together the past in a soul-searching quest for true fortune.

Set between the height of Colombian kidnappings in the late nineteen nineties and the present nearly a decade later, Finding Fortune takes readers from the glitz and glam of Hollywood to Colombian jungles, Las Vegas desert to Cartagena rooftops, and Malibu beaches to Miami soirees on a journey that will become an experience to remember.