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UncategorizedLife Lessons from a Red Serge by Linda Garvey and Barb Porter (Softcover book)

Life Lessons from a Red Serge by Linda Garvey and Barb Porter (Softcover book)


Night and day, women and men of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police work to serve and protect their country. Though this work can be difficult and dangerous, it can teach invaluable lessons. This book was inspired by Staff Sergeant Garvey, an RCMP member who learned important lessons from the many people and communities across Canada he partnered with to serve and protect.

Every life has a purpose. This man knew from childhood what he wanted to become. He worked hard to be a good person and grew up to represent RCMP with great pride. RCMP members from across Canada were family to him. He died at 54 years of age as he lived with gratitude and grace, from an incurable brain cancer.

While this book was written for his grandchildren so that the life lessons he would have taught them would not be lost, the lessons could benefit many people.

These life lessons were written to be read then reviewed; shared with children or adults. This reminds us that everyone has potential and anyone can grow to become a better person. Read the lessons and learn. Keep the lessons or give them away to help others. Apply these lessons, live a good life and make a positive difference.