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The Teller from the Tale


In The Teller from the Tale, award-winning author Ven Begamudré spins three stories in a modern blend of myth and realism. A sculptor with magical powers looks upon a princess, thought it is forbidden for commoners to do so, and suffers the consequences. A father narrates a story called “Rainbow Knights” to his family every evening and is the recipient of their cynical and amusing observations. Seven knights and their sister are presented to a fisherman and his wife, who have lost their only son to the god of the sea. The family travels to a bleak island cursed by a sorceress on a quest to rescue their messing child. “Sushila Is at Home,” is a mystical tale of a bio-mathematician who ponders her choice to remain childless, as the gods lounge on her sofa and provide commentary. Part two is the delightful re-telling of an Indian folktale as a young widow tricks the God of the Dead into returning her husband.