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Unraveled Oracle Deck 70 Cards


I wanted to create an oracle deck for knitters, which evolved into a deck for fibre artists. The pictures include finished objects, works in progress, handspun skeins, woven pieces, cats, wool, and more. All the images are my own. There is one image which doesn’t have the greatest resolution – and that is the card with my Xena on it. She passed away last year at the age of 20 and I wanted to include her in this deck.

This deck is meant to be used alongside your intuition. A 16 page guidebook is included with your deck. It includes unique fibre arts related spreads that I made specifically for this oracle. (You can see these and other spreads at

This deck can be used alone or together with your favorite tarot deck to give a greater insight into your readings. Since each card is inscribed with one word, there is no learning curve like traditional tarot. Use your intuition along with the images to unravel your answers/meanings.

Unraveled can be used daily as:

– A Divination Tool
– Connection to Spirit
– Dream Interpretation
– Self reflection / Daily Mindfulness
– An affirmation deck or gratitude focus
– To aid in journal prompts
– Daily Meditation
– SO much more

What is an Oracle Deck? It is very similar to a tarot deck as it is used as a tool for divination, guidance and self-reflection. What makes it different is there are no set suits (pentacles, cups, swords, wands) or archetypes needed to derive meanings from the images. Each card has an inspirational sentiment or thought which can then be used to delve deeper into the question or reading. Oracle decks don’t require training of any sort.

2.75″ X 4.75″ (70×120mm)
330 gsm
Superior Smooth
Rounded Corners
Shrink Wrapped
Comes in a Cloth Bag with Hand Stamped Image
16 page Guidebook

#Unravel Your Path

ISBN: 978-1-9991522-0-8