Street Fair

Street Fair

Important Information for Street Fair Vendors

Welcome to the Cathedral Village Arts Festival 2022 Street Fair.

We look forward to meeting those new to the Street Fair and renewing old acquaintances on Saturday, May 28th, 2022. The sale begins at 10 am and ends at 5 pm.


Please do not request to change your spot.  There are a few reasons why you may not have received your usual spot or the spot that you requested:

  1. We must give preference to Cathedral Area businesses as we are taking over their street all day. 
  2. You may have requested a corner booth, which are generally reserved for food booths and/or action oriented booths that attract crowds.
  3. You may have applied after the deadline and your preferred space was already taken.
  4. You may not have paid your fee immediately following your application. We do not consider applications until they have been paid. If you applied Mar 1 but paid Mar 10, your application is considered received on Mar 10. 
  5. Those who have attended the sale before over the years generally request the same spot. 
  6. You may have requested a spot where there was an artist nearby with wares similar to yours.
  7. There are at least 200 requests for the middle blocks of the Street Fair. It is impossible to fulfill all those requests
  8. There may have been no other place, besides the spot you wanted, to fulfill a request for a double booth.
  9. We are not filling all spaces listed on the map due to the number of applications received. 


Please read the following set up and Street Fair information carefully.


Each vendor is allocated a space that is 14 feet long and 10 feet wide from the street curb.  Your spot number will be clearly marked in paint by the street curb.  Please ensure that all of your displays, merchandise, signage, etc are within these confines. Vendors who have rented tables or chairs from us will find them at their spot.  


On Saturday, May 28th, set up time will be from 8:00 am to 9:45 am. There will be a sandwich board located at 2900 13th Ave with a list of vendors and a Street Fair map in case you forget your sheet. You may move the blockades at the intersection closest to your spot to drive your car to your spot; please replace them after you drive your vehicle through. There will be no access at Retallack St, Albert St, or Elphinstone St.


There will be a Street Fair Ambassador on your block (in a brightly coloured vest) starting at 8:00 am. Ambassadors are available to assist you if you cannot locate your spot, ensure you have the tables and chairs you ordered and will be available if you have any questions or concerns during the day.


Please remove your vehicle from the street once you have unloaded, observing all parking laws and signage. This helps to keep the street less congested for other vendors to get onto the street. Please do not park in the alleys, as these must be kept clear for emergency vehicles.  All vehicles must be off the street by 9:30 am. All vehicles and materials must be removed from the street by 6 pm.


Artisans remain on site at their own risk, rain or shine – we have ordered shine of course! You cannot leave the Street Fair prior to 5pm. In the event that there is an emergency situation please follow any instructions your Street Fair Ambassador gives you. 


  • If you are using a generator, please bring a silent generator or please move your generator as far back from your booth as possible. (we do not supply extension cords). Noisy and/or gassy generators are not allowed
  • Bring your own table covers and weather protection such as canopies etc. Levellers and shims may be needed. For safety reasons, your canopy or pop-up tent must be weighted down in case of wind gusts. 
  • Please leave your spot as clean as you found it, and ensure your area is free of garbage at the end of the day. Our volunteer take down crew do not have time to clean your debris & bags of garbage from your spot in order to have the street reopened for 7:00pm. 

Please be considerate of the local residents and merchants. It is against City of Regina by-laws to block the sidewalks in any way, so please keep your tables, boxes and all items within your allotted space. Please do not park in any merchant parking lots or spaces unless you have obtained previous permission.


We are committed to providing a respectful and inclusive festival with the highest standards of hospitality.  We expect this of everyone involved – organizers, volunteers, vendors and visitors. 


Please be aware that the organizers of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival reserve the right to remove anyone and/or any spot from the Street Fair who does not comply with the rules and principles of the Street Fair and the Festival.


If you have offered to donate an item for our Volunteer Appreciation and Fundraising Events, you can drop it off at any of the information booths or a festival volunteer can visit you during the day. Please attach a business card to your item so we can acknowledge you on our website and in the Village Voice newsletter.


Please note that booths are not transferable. 


Thank you for your continued support of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. You are what makes the Street Fair a huge success every year


We hope you have a successful and enjoyable day ~ Remember to have fun!